Martin Lorentzon

Martin first struck up his partnership with Daniel Ek when Tradedoubler, Europe’s largest affiliate sales network (founded by Martin), acquired Daniel’s company Advertigo in 2006.

Previously, Martin held senior roles at Telia, Altavista, Cell Ventures and NetStrategy. Martin studied at Chalmers and Handels in Gothenburg, before studying further in Stockholm. He has extensive knowledge of building companies and now sits on the board of TeliaSonera.

As chairman, Martin has been on the company’s board of directors since July 2006. Martin’s responsibilities include creating and implementing strategy, budgets and goals, as well as overseeing all legal documents and annual reports.

In his spare time Martin enjoys all kind of sports and culture. With such a hectic schedule, it is lucky Martin is energetic by nature, involving himself in numerous work and leisure activities to try and find the right balance between his career and his personal life.

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