Praise & Prizes

“Spotify is so good.”
Mark Zuckerberg
“When I was first introduced to Spotify, I was stunned at the ease of it. It was like ‘wow this is so easy and so user friendly’. It’s set up to be effortless, you want the practical part of the experience to be effortless. These guys have done it at a whole other level to anyone else.”
Lars Ulrich, Metallica
“Spotify is just cloud music done right.”
Charlie Sorrel, Wired
“I can sit down with the guy from Spotify, and he shows me this spike on Fridays as people listen to Gaga before going to the clubs. When I go to South Africa I know to include this song in this set, because I know that’s a fan favourite, and also to take this song out. We’ve never had a direct relationship with an audience. When someone buys a CD we used to count them as a fan, but we never knew if they hated the CD and threw it out the window.”
Troy Carter, Manager, Lady Gaga
“So excited Spotify is FINALLY coming to the US tomorrow! Getting my playlists ready now… ”
Britney Spears
“Spotify is slick, intuitive and fast”
Brendan Greeley, Bloomberg Businessweek
“I got hooked up with a Spotify account, and I gotta say, it kicks a million asses. Glad it’s coming to the US”.
Mark Hoppus from Blink 182
“I have Spotify — it’s fantastic, 15 million songs on it: Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, that kind of stuff.”
Alex Ferguson, Manchester United
“Any of you Europeans out there got hip to Spotify yet? It is unbelievable and totally changes the game. Off to make some killer playlists.”
Jamie Cullum
“What a relief, now that it’s legal in he US, I can finally come out of the closet about my #Spotify addiction.”
Ashton Kutcher
”I am thrilled that such a forward thinking service as Spotify is allowing my fans full legal access to my new music, they are changing the game, Never Mind the Bollocks…this is the future.”
Paul Oakenfold
“To all y’all listening to us on Spotify, thanks!”
Bon Iver
“I’m in Sweden now. Spotify is now up to 50 % of the music business. It’s fascinating, this could save the industry in the future!”
David Guetta
“Music is about to be fun again! Join me at Spotify”
Talib Kweli
“Spotify is superior in functionality to all its competitors.”
Bob Lefsetz
“The bottom line is, Spotify is the future of the music business. Anyone who doesn’t think that is out of their minds.”
Larry Rudolph, Manager, Britney Spears.
“For the first time in Internet history, you can now listen to any track, any album, right now, legally, no charge.’
David Pogue, The New York Times
“Spotify is a great example of software innovation.”
Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft.