Hello Germany. Spotify here.

Spotify, the leading digital music service, is available from today in Germany. We’re very excited to be here.

Spotify is a new way to listen to music. Spotify gives you instant, on-demand access to over 16 million* tracks, on your computer, mobile phone and beyond, so you can enjoy music whenever and wherever you like. Simply search for any artist, album or track and start playing. Create playlists and share music with friends through our integration with Facebook. And Spotify offers a truly free service, which is already loved by millions of users. No gimmicks, no trial period, no catches – just listen and love it, month after month.

Spotify was launched in Sweden in 2008 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, out of a desire to develop a better, more convenient and legal alternative to music piracy.

Spotify is now generating serious revenues for rights holders; since our launch just three years ago, we have paid around a quarter of a billion dollars (€200m) to labels and publishers, who, in turn, pass this on to the artists, composers and authors they represent. Spotify is the second single largest source of digital music revenue for labels in Europe (IFPI, April 2011), making sure that artists get a fair deal.

Spotify now has more than 10 million active users and more than 3 million paying subscribers across Europe and the US, with Germany becoming the 13th market. With a ratio of over 20% paying subscribers to active free users, Spotify is the largest and fastest growing music service of its kind.

”Germany has one of the most cutting edge music scenes in the world and a passion for music that is second to none; it’s time you were given the music service you deserve.

“Spotify offers everything you could possibly want from a music service; it’s free, it’s fast, it’s easy to share, and with over 16 million songs we have one of the biggest on-demand music libraries in the world. We’re unbelievably excited to be here.”, said Daniel Ek, CEO and founder of Spotify.

And Spotify is social. Music fans can discover, manage and share music with friends through Spotify’s deep integration with Facebook. See what your friends are listening to, then click the play button to hear it too. It’s never been this easy to discover and share music with friends. ”Music is one of the most social things there is, and that’s why we’ve built the best social features into Spotify for easy sharing and the ultimate in music discovery.” says Daniel Ek.

Spotify Apps are new and exciting music experiences built around your music tastes, to help you discover and enjoy even more music. Spotify launches in Germany with ten new local app partners in the app finder: Eventim, Fellody, Motor.de, Interview Magazine, Intro, Festivalguide, VISIONS, laut.de, tape.tv, and Mit Vergnügen.

Spotify offers three great services, from absolutely free to paid subscriptions:

Spotify Free– the unsurpassed, totally free music service. Enjoy free, on-demand, buffer-free access to over 16 million songs* on your computer. No gimmicks. Just listen and love it; month after month after month. Manage your own music files through Spotify, and sync with your mobile or iPod. With occasional advertising.

All Spotify users enjoy unlimited free, ad-supported music for the first 6 months of their account. After 6 months, limits may be introduced.

Spotify Unlimited – all the special features of our free service but with uninterrupted, ad-free access to Spotify on your computer. All for only €4.99 a month.

Spotify Premium – the all-singing, all-dancing, top-of-the-range Spotify experience. Premium gives you access to all the music, all the time. Listen online or offline, on your computer, your mobile phone and a whole heap of other devices. Enjoy enhanced sound quality and access to exclusive content, competitions and special offers. Premium costs just €9.99 a month.

Axel Bringeus, Spotify’s Regional Director for Germany, commented: “This changes everything for German music fans. Spotify is a revolutionary new music service, offering free, simple, lightning-fast access to one of the world’s biggest music libraries. We hope German music fans will love Spotify as much as they already do across Europe and the US.”

Spotify launches with deals in place with all four major labels, and with Merlin and a whole raft of other independent labels.

Spotify’s exclusive launch advertising partners are Bose, the high performance audio products specialist, and Twentieth Century Fox, which will both be launching innovative campaigns in partnership with Spotify in the coming weeks and months.

Click here to listen to our Hallo Deutschland playlist

For more information or to sign up for Spotify please go to http://www.spotify.com.

*Number of tracks licensed globally. Catalogue size varies in each country.

About Spotify:

Spotify is an award-winning digital music service that gives you on-demand access to over 16 million* tracks. Spotify makes it easier than ever to discover, manage and share music with your friends, while making sure that artists get a fair deal.

Since its launch in Sweden in 2008, Spotify has become the largest and most successful music service of its kind, with over 10 million active users and over 3 million paying subscribers. Spotify is now available in thirteen countries around the world: Germany, US, UK, Sweden, France, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.


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Twitter: @SpotifyDE #SpotifyDE

Blog: http://www.spotify.com/de/blog

YouTube: http://spoti.fi/videos-DE

Further information

For more information, please email the Spotify press office at press-de@spotify.com

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Artist quotes

“On Spotify people are finally taking the time again to check out playlists from other users and discover music for themselves.

As it used to be when friends recorded mix tapes for each other, with Spotify you can create your mix tape in the form of a playlist and share it with your friends.”

Frida Gold

“Finally Spotify will be live in Germany. There is so much great music to discover, and I’m personally looking forward to that.”


“To me, Spotify means being able to listen to my favourite music any time, anywhere.”

Rea Garvey

“With more than 16 million tracks, Spotify is the biggest “lost-property office” for music on the planet: You can use it to find songs that mean a lot to you personally but that you’ve misplaced over the years, or simply to discover new music. You can listen to music legally all day long.”

Paul Van Dyk

Streams are my reality


“Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Start! Endlich findet SPOTIFY auch in Deutschland statt – ich feier das! Das war ja auch schon lange überfällig und vor allem bin ich froh, direkt von Tag 1 an dabei zu sein. Ich hoffe meine Fans freuen sich ebenfalls über den SPOTIFY Deutschland Start und nutzen dieses Portal so wie der Banger! Ich wünsche Euch auch auf diesem Weg viel Spaß mit meiner Musik!”

Farid Bang

“Lange hat es gedauert, jetzt gibt es Spotify auch endlich in Deutschland!”

Samy Deluxe

“Wir haben jetzt die Möglichkeit von wirklich überall und jeder Zeit auf eine unglaubliche Menge Musik zuzugreifen. Spotify wird die Art und Weise wie wir Musik erleben revolutionieren.”

Tim Bendzko

“Wir haben jetzt die Möglichkeit von wirklich überall und jeder Zeit auf eine unglaubliche Menge Musik zuzugreifen. Spotify wird die Art und Weise wie wir Musik erleben revolutionieren.”

Boys Noize

“Wir freuen uns gleich von Anfang an bei dem neuen Musikanbieter Spotify dabei zu sein. Wir sind sehr, sehr gespannt auf diese neue Art Musik zu hören und zu entdecken!”


Music Industry quotes

“I am convinced that the launch of Spotify is another important step in the development of the digital market in Germany. Innovative cloud and streaming services offer music fans more choice, more service and more music. They are user friendly and attractive, opening up new groups of buyers and pushing growth in the digital music market. In addition to being a new income stream for our artists and labels, Spotify is also an innovative marketing tool and an effective platform for newcomers. I am looking forward to working with Spotify who are already very successful in other territories.”

Frank Briegman, President Universal Music Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz und Deutsche Grammophon

“Der Start von Spotify wird nicht nur von Musikfans in Deutschland begeistert aufgenommen. Auch wir sehen dem Markteintritt mit großer Zuversicht entgegen – denn spotify konnte mit seinem Angebot (neben anderen Services) Impulse in vielen Märkten setzen. Durch diesen wichtigen Player gewinnt der deutsche Musikmarkt an Vielfalt bei legalen digitalen Angeboten. Und die kommt Künstlern, Musikfans und der gesamten Entertainmentbranche zugute.“

Philip Ginthör, CEO Sony Music Entertainment GSA

“Being a Partner of Spotify for several years now, !K7 is happy to see them go live in Germany and help to further develop the local digital music market.”

Tom Nieuweboer (Head of Digital – !K7 Records)

“Wir freuen uns sehr das mit Spotify nun endlich der international profilierteste Streaming Service in Deutschland an den Start geht. Da wir schon seit geraumer Zeit mit Spotify in einigen anderen Ländern äußerst erfolgreich zusammenarbeiten, bin ich davon überzeugt das Spotify mit Ihrem Know How und Ihrer Erfahrung den deutschen Musikfan begeistern und somit auch zu einer breiteren Akzeptanz von Streaming Services hierzulande beitragen werden. Wir wünschen einen erfolgreichen Start!”

“Jürgen Sauer, General Manager, [PIAS] Germany GmbH”

“Nach dem mehr als gelungenen Launch in Österreich und der Schweiz, bietet Spotify nun auch endlich dem Musikinteressierten auf dem deutschen Markt neue und unkomplizierte Anreize Musik legal zu konsumieren. Wir wünschen Spotify einen erfolgreichen Start und freuen uns auf die Ausweitung der Zusammenarbeit.

Wolfgang Hanebrink, Chairman EMI Music GSA

“Ich freue mich, dass Spotify nun auch endlich in Deutschland angekommen ist. Ich bin sicher, dass Spotify mit seinem Angebot schnell viele Freunde finden wird.”

Jens Thele, Managing Director / Founder Kontor Records

“Since we have already had a great relationship with Spotify in other key countries we’re looking forward to finally having the chance to welcome this fantastic service to our home turf. Let’s keep up the good work and best regards from Donzdorf!”

Patrick Walch, Nuclear Blast GmbH, Head Of Digital Sales, New Media & Online