Spotify appoints Klaus Hommels to Board of Directors

  • Serial entrepreneur and investor joins board

Spotify is pleased to welcome Klaus Hommels as an investor and announce his appointment to its Board of Directors.

“I have a long term track record of discovering models that change the rules of the game in a certain industry”, said Mr. Hommels. “Through the exceptional team and the world class product, Spotify is one of the very few companies originating out of Europe that have this potential. Therefore it is a logical step, as an active investor, for me to join Spotify’s board – to involve myself and put my efforts and experience behind it to help making it the success it deserves”.

Mr. Hommels is a seasoned entrepreneur and well-respected private investor. He has a successful investment track record in technology and media companies including Skype,, StarDoll, Xing, QXL and Facebook. He was a founding team member of and AOL Europe. He has been selected as “Best European investor” by INSEAD, IESE and St. Gallen universities and holds a PHD in Finance from Fribourg University (Switzerland).

“We’re very excited to have Klaus in Spotify and joining our board,” says Daniel Ek, CEO and co-founder of Spotify. “Klaus’ experience and proven track record will be invaluable to us in growing Spotify on a global basis”.

About Spotify

Spotify is an innovative digital music service offering music fans
instant access to a world of music. Spotify enables on-demand
streaming of audio content and aims to be a better alternative to
music piracy by offering a superior user experience, while monetising
licensed content with both an ad-supported, free-to-the-user model and
a premium, paid model. Spotify brings fans closer to the music and
artists they love, and provides a marketplace for additional products
such as live events, music downloads and more.

Further information

For more information please contact the Spotify press office at

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