Spotify launches on Windows Phone


Spotify and Microsoft today announces the launch of Spotify’s mobile music app on the Windows phone 6 platform.

Spotify’s arrival on the Windows Phone platform adds to the music service’s mobile line up on the iPhone, Android and Symbian phones.

Spotify features on Windows phone 6 include:

  • Listen to millions of tracks with Spotify’s constantly updated catalogue
  • Stream over WiFi or 2.5/3G – all your existing playlists are available
  • Listen to tracks and albums in their entirety. Rewind, fast-forward, pause, skip and shuffle
  • Continue to run Spotify in the background while texting, making calls, web browsing etc
  • Playlists can be downloaded and played in offline mode when you have no connection, are on a plane or underground, or abroad
  • Wirelessly sync your local files to your phone
  • On-the-fly sync – every track you add to a playlist appears instantly on mobile and computer
  • Starred tracks – tag all your favourites into a special list

As of today, Windows phone 6 users can download the new app directly by visiting, and it is also available for download on Windows Marketplace for mobile. Current users of popular Windows phone 6 devices will be able to download app on their phones. Using Spotify on the mobile requires a Premium account.

Additionally, Spotify will soon be available on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform.

For further information, visit our updated mobile page:

You can watch a video demo of Spotify on the Windows phone 6 here:

About Spotify

Spotify is an award-winning music service offering a legal and superior quality alternative to music piracy. Spotify provides instant access to whatever music you want, whenever and wherever you want it, through a simple, clean and quick to use platform via an ad-supported, free-to-the-user service and a paid subscription service. With access to millions of songs through your computer, on your mobile and beyond, Spotify makes it easier than ever to play and share music legally.


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