Introducing Touch Preview: a better way to preview any song, album, artist or playlist

  • Hear a sneak peek: preview and discover new favourites with our latest feature
  • Build your collection in seconds: save your favourite tunes to Your Music with one quick swipe

Finding the right music to fit the moment can be a challenge. Sweating over a new party playlist, or the right song to kick off your morning run? Checking out our recommended playlists and new releases in Browse but simply spoilt for choice? So much music, so little time.

Say hello to Touch Preview. Now, with a simple gesture, you can preview any playlist, song, album or artist before you hit play. Just hold down your finger to the screen and the music will start playing instantly.

Like what you hear? You can now save tunes to Your Music with one quick swipe. Building your collection of favourite songs has never been so smooth.

Our new gestures make music discovery immersive, seamless and instant:

  • Want to preview? You can press and hold on any song, album, artist or playlist to start listening. The music starts instantly. Drag your finger to move between each song. To play the entire track, simply tap on it.
  • Already listening to something? Once you’ve finished previewing, we’ll take you back to the exact moment you left your previous session.
  • Want to listen later? We’ve made it even simpler to save and queue the songs you like. Just swipe left to save to Your Music, or swipe right to queue. Easy.

“For decades, music fans have had to rely on a rather clumsy way of scanning through songs, albums and playlists,” says Sten Garmark, VP of Product at Spotify. “With Touch Preview we’re taking music discovery to the next level, offering our listeners a unique and entirely new way of finding out what to listen to. It means less time looking for the perfect music, and more time actually listening to it.”

Both Touch Preview and our new swipe gestures are available to iOS users from today, and will soon be rolled out across other platforms.