Spotify for Brands launches new video ad products across mobile and desktop

Spotify for Brands—Spotify’s marketing platform that connects consumers with brands through shared moments —today unveiled two new video ad products: Video Takeover on desktop and Sponsored Sessions on mobile.  The two new ad products will be seen around the world by Spotify’s 30 million plus free user base.  Both are delivered in a 100% viewable environment and give brand partners 100% share of voice.  Global launch partners include Coca-Cola, Ford, McDonalds and NBC Universal Pictures.  In addition Target and Wells Fargo are the launch partners for these new ad products in the US.

“Our audience is incredibly engaged so we are delivering an advertising experience that enhances their time spent on Spotify and connects them to the music and brands they love,” said Jeff Levick, Chief Business Officer, Spotify. “These new ad formats are perfect examples of the kind of high quality, high value experiences we want to offer our brand partners and our audience.”

Video Takeover ads live on the Spotify desktop client and are an opportunity for brands to own the desktop app experience.  Brand videos are served as part of normal ad breaks and are only played if the client is in view.  Sponsored Sessions give brands ownership of 30 minute ad-free mobile sessions. Users receive the ad-free experience after viewing a :15 or :30 video on their mobile device within the Spotify client. Brands have the opportunity to align messaging with many daily activities where music plays a role for Spotify users – exercising, studying, partying, commuting, whatever.  

“These new video ad units give us the opportunity to be a small part of people’s everyday passion for music and create better experiences across Spotify,” said Ivan Pollard, Senior Vice President, Connections, The Coca-Cola Company. “Spotify are great partners in helping us execute new ways of connecting with people on their platform leveraging data, intelligence and creativity to bring a little refreshment to an already uplifting experience with music.”

“We like to be the first to try new products and Spotify Video Ads provide a great new way to connect with this valuable audience on desktop and mobile,” stated Lindsay Dye, Director, Digital Media, Universal Pictures.

Spotify users are an engaged, active and valuable audience who see music as a perfect way to connect with brands that are relevant to their lives. Spotify users spend an average of 84 minutes per user per day on the service streaming at home, at work, at school, in their cars, while exercising and more—and 146 minutes for those who use Spotify across multiple devices  (source: Internal Data). This increasingly mobile audience is 94% more likely to have a strong emotional connection to brands; 86% more likely to recommend brands to their friends; and 200% more likely to be willing to pay more for brands  (source: comScore Music Impact Study 2014).

Video ads will be available beginning in October in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Sweden, and are coming to additional markets in 2015.